While You Sleep

by Bird by Bird

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released August 16, 2011

Jonathan Devoto - vocals/guitars
Ross Traver - drums/vocals

Produced and mixed by Brad Dollar and Jonathan Devoto
Engineered by Brad Dollar
Album art by Justin SanSouci
Mastered by Mike Wells

Drums recorded at The Site
Everything else recorded at The Classroom
Drums and bass for Keep Running recorded at Fantasy Studios
Rhodes on New Sunglasses played by Andy Wilke
Bass on Keep Running played by Chris Vogel

All songs written by Bird by Bird
Tracks 2, 4, 7, 8 written by Bird by Bird and Miles Hurwitz



all rights reserved


Bird by Bird Berkeley, California

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Track Name: Simple Days
we remember our simple days
when we were trading grade school lunches
I couldn't hide a thing from mom
those days are gone

we'd pass secret notes
"will you marry me?"
circle yes or circle no
will you meet me for a movie?

oh, oh, oh
the simple days are gone

in the leap year past, you're further from the last
trick birthday candles blown out
are you wishing
for me kissing you?

no, no, no
the simple days are gone

we remember the simple days
when we were trading grade school lunches
I couldn't hide a thing from mom
those days are gone

the phone's breaking up you're breaking out of here
you said "remember boy, you can't change fate, no matter what you do"
but fate changes you

oh, oh, oh
the simple days are gone
Track Name: She Calls
Drops her glass, it breaks, she sweeps
Broom in hand, shaken, she weeps
Glisten sharp shattered shine
A careless grasp and a dangerous mind

It's late she calls, lately she calls me
She calls me crying, she calls me crying
I just listen, it feels like lying

Treasured gift in her hand, strand strained tight
Hazy rift, beads land, take flight
Glisten smooth scattered shine
A desperate grasp and a haphazard mind

It's late she calls, lately she calls me
She calls me crying, she calls me crying
She must need this listening
She, needs... She must need this lying

She's no idea why things have gone, gone this way
Wonders how she's to blame for bold collapse after sly decay
She cries, she's so shocked, so broken, so undone with few words spoken
"Go on, tell me... fucking tell me more"
Is all I say
Track Name: Break
Wishful thinking never solved anything
We're gon' be what we'll be
There's no pretending we don't see an ending
We're gon' be what we'll be
Another love to no avail, another fail
A stumble, a trip past a fairy tail
It's getting heavier up ahead
Right when she said...

She said to hit the breaks we're breaking up
we both break down
I start shaking, I know she's faking
when she breaks down

If we're coming clean
You don't need to sugarcoat with me
Come on say what you mean
If you wanted out, just let it out
We're gon' be what we'll be
She tells me why, she tells me lies, at least she tries
With every passing word it pacifies
Still getting heavier up ahead
Right when she said...

It's easier to play the part, to break a heart
It's easier to play the part
When you play like you've been broken
Play like you're breaking down
Track Name: Delirious
I get delirious 'round you

Every night I take you, take you to the noise
You love me with your eyes as you bounce among the boys
I can't control my urges, I can't control my brain
Every night you take me, I ride your hurricane

I get delirious fo' sho'
I get delirious like Poe
I get delirious 'round you

I bet you're in some bedroom just waking in your skirt
You groan, you soothe with gel caps, now for me they just don't work
You rise, another says goodbye, that's the scene inside my head
Don't blame me as I shriek and beg you to freak with me instead

I get delirious like Prince
I get delirious and wail, fail!
I get delirious 'round you
Track Name: Don't Wake Me
The daylight, it's exhilarating
The sun shines life... But not for me
It's a sharp knife
Been penetrating my precious sleep
Like the birds and the bees
The birds in the trees keep singing

Don't wake, don't wake me even if I'm screaming
I'm in paradise getting some
Don't wait, don't wait for me when I'm dreaming
Just keep on screaming
Don't wake me yet

In the night light, all the shapes created
Too much moonshine shakes what you see in the wall
When I take flight, lord I'm elevated
Backflip off a wall having a ball
Then a shake and a sprawl, I awake from a fall.
But still singing...

Hold on tight, to the last words we speak
Hold on tight, be careful counting sheep
Be careful. Don't count on me!
Track Name: Let Go
they say we're a social animal, more like socially awkward
our naked ape instinct drive meets halting hellos
now caution is fleeting, anyway, it's all 'bout breeding
toss your hair, these instincts survive.. let's go

let go
when it's time, it's time
let go

they say we're doomed to cycle, more like recycling doomsday
transcend through to the end or extend our status quo
whatever you believe, believe or self deceive
when our life on this planet ends our bodies let go

when, when or where, whenever it's time
into the show or into the shadows
you just know
Track Name: New Sunglasses
My new sunglasses look good on you
They block out more bright, you like 'em too
These foolish shades match your foolish shoes
My new sunglasses look good on you

In the tank top summer night, the fast lane is full
I'm driving alone to the drifting moon
Who else out on the road is wondering if they're the fool?
Who else on this hardened highway is heading home soon?
Turning back, back home to sing

I left her on the porch tonight, in the heat of a hollow fight
We just needed some time to cool
By the driveway, she came to say "we get crazy here but never cruel"
I said "Babe you got that right. We're irrational but we're no fools"
I turn the key. I'll be back to sing

Lovers rise, lovers fall, yeah lovers make mistakes
But tomorrow when I pick you up, we'll laugh off all our troubled turns
We'll drive, we'll sing
Track Name: Making Music
Take a chance
Lend a moment of your forward glance
You got me in a trance
You're like a photograph I want to meet
That's why I'm making music while you sleep

Fingertips tracing figure 8s
Your crimson lips never keep me waiting
You're like a photograph I want to keep
That's why I'm making music while you sleep
Track Name: Keep Running
You gave up on art school for business law
Passed up on true love, for life
But there was day back then when you had time to loose your mind
But another world drew first blood

Let the child keep running
Stay free

One ticket printed to somewhere, anywhere
It reads "destination: coming back"
Promise me you'll keep running from that do or don't return again
Whatever happens, keep alive

Worry, don't you worry
You're wasted, just winding with the wind, away
Come on, take my hand, let me take you away, follow me
Climb a mountain, you'll see
Not everybody means well
Track Name: Family Tree
Let's make believe, pretend we're family
We'll have two kids and a dog

I needed more
I wanna sink my teeth
what you waiting for?
So I leaned in for more
She might be gone, but she'll be back for sure

I still needed more
But I never wanted to start a war
I begged, yeah I pleaded for more
But darling my thick blood was never pure

Don't be afraid to make believe
Come be a part of my family tree
I need you part of my family tree