Albatross (plus bonus tracks)

by Bird by Bird

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Albatross, the debut EP from Bird by Bird.

Download here on Bandcamp for two bonus acoustic tracks!


released August 24, 2010

All songs written by Jonathan Devoto & Miles Hurwitz

Tracks 1-4, 6:
Engineered by Brad Dollar
(Except Chronophobe, engineered by Spencer Stock & MacKenzie Miller)
Produced and mixed by Dollar, Devoto, Hurwitz

Track 5:
Engineered and mixed by Justin Lieberman
Produced by John Paulsen

Track 7:
Engineered and mixed by Dustin Smith
Produced by Smith, Devoto, Hurwitz

Album art by Paul Ruxton



all rights reserved


Bird by Bird Berkeley, California

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Track Name: Delirious
I get delirious 'round you

every night I take you, take you to the noise
you love me with your eyes as you bounce among the boys
I can't control my urges, I can't control my brain
every night you take me, I ride your hurricane

I get delirious fo' sho'
I get delirious like Poe
I get delirious 'round you

I bet you're in some bedroom just waking in your skirt
you groan, you soothe with gel caps, now for me they just don't work
you rise, another says goodbye, that's the scene inside my head
don't blame me as I shriek and beg you to freak with me instead

I get delirious like Prince
I get delirious and wail, fail!
I get delirious 'round you
Track Name: Chronophobe
will sirens stir me strong if I lay to long?
only to learn we've gone and missed our turn
i'll find a way to break routine
this crime i've seen...

time is a thief
time steals sleep
sleep is a theif
a thief of time

I'm convinced I know my sundial runs slow
this illusion of time, recline, rewind
i'll find a way to keep routine
this crime unseen...

Goodnight stars
Goodnight air, yeah
Goodnight noises everywhere
Track Name: Where Did You Go?
chanted revolution, evolution held the truth
signs high, crowds loud, radical you restless youth
was the gun ever beaten into plow?
echos now, vows of history
are we no closer than we've been to where we're meant to be?

marched through the streets, you are the change, where did you go?
shouting down the walls, you are the change, where did you go?
sang out 'bout love, sang "love is the change"
it's been two score, but the song remains the same

we hear those years were fueled by passion's flames
chaos ruled and rules became the domain of the tame
rain feeds mountain creek to stream
river to sea, see who leads us now
somehow we're closer than we've been to where we're meant to be

we must be the change
great soul said:
"we must be, we must be the change"
Track Name: It'll Be Alright
we're holding to our promise
it was more than just some Maker's dare
we left Kate the keys, and a 3-page note
we begged her to understand, it's not that we don't care

unfolding, unscripted, beyond feel good fluff
this life, our life, it's not a bluff
tonight we weave our legend

pack your bags light
we leave tonight
we leave here tonight
it'll be alright

we can name this escape
or maybe claim it as fate
we leave here tonight
it'll be alright

we're mapping out our exodus
running from or running to?
let's not hide our stumble, disguise our gamble
it's hard enough, just to know, it's hard to know, what is true

unfolding, unscripted not just some trite freedom song
this life, our life, drags us along
tonight we weave our legend
Track Name: Heavy Eyelids
heavy eyelids runny nose
correspondence overload
same shirt for days since rough farewell
standstill moments overwhelm
thrusting pelvis moves like Elvis
keeping it tame till I see you again

we're making plans when we'll meet again
we do what we can, to spite what we can't
I sigh at the time in between
I get by with you on a screen
the best we can do is pretend
when we'll meet again

wheels and windows, wind sheild prison
existential bullshit vision
beg the heavens this could work
no surrender heal the hurt
Track Name: Let Go (acoustic bonus track)
they say we're a social animal, more like socially awkward
our naked ape instinct drive meets halting hellos
now caution is fleeting, anyway, it's all 'bout breeding
lick your lips, these instincts survive... let's go

let go
when it's time, it's time
let go

they say we're doomed to cycle, more like recycling doomsday
transcend through to the end or extend our status quo
whatever you believe, believe or self deceive
when our life on this planet ends our bodies let go

when, when or where, whenever it's time
into the show or into the shadows
you just know
Track Name: New Sunglasses (acoustic bonus track)
my new sunglasses look good on you
they block out more bright, yeah, you like them, too
these foolish shades match your foolish shoes
my new sunglasses look good on you

in the tank top summer night, the fast lane is full
I'm driving alone to the drifting moon
who else out on the road is wondering if they're the fool?
who else on this hardened highway is heading home soon?
turning back, back home to sing...

I left her on the porch tonight, in the heat of a hollow fight
we just needed some time to cool
by the driveway, she came to say "we get crazy here, but never cruel"
I said "Babe, you got that right. We're irrational, but we're no fools"
I turn the key, I'll be back to sing...

lovers rise, lovers fall, yeah, lovers make mistakes
it's just one of the ways we learn
whispered love at 6pm, then damn near tears at 10
but tomorrow when I pick you up, we'll laugh off all our troubled turns
We'll drive, we'll sing...